Friday, November 28, 2008

Im tired

Ugh I had to be at work today at 7am. And I get up on a normaly day or basically EVERYDAY no earlier than 10am....I am so sleepy. So very sleepy.

My sister in law said something to me a few days ago that really jarred me. got me thinking alot and about reevaluating my life. I was going on and on about oh this guy is not cute or he is ugly or good enough appearance wise.....she said,"Mandy, looks arent everything." It stopped me dead in my tracks. It made me think long and hard and I didnt realize at the moment how hard it would make me focus on my life. I felt like a superficial little bitch. It made me feel very ugly. Inside and out. And I think I am just gods gift sometimes but I think I am really just overcompensating.
Man, I felt really bad and vowed not to judge a book by its cover anymore. I am going to try my hardest. What a jerk I have been in that aspect....I feel I am growing more everyday for the better.

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