Thursday, May 28, 2009

I just read an article from the New York Times Style Mag by the perfume critic Chandler Burr

Now I dont have a sense of smell so I like to find out what really smells good and I think a perfume critic would be the "GO TO GUY" for getting the best input and advice on choosing a perfume to wear for male species.....heehe lol. Well, supposedly these two fragrances are "two of the greatest perfumes of the turn of the 21st century". Angel and Light Blue are both created by perfumer Olivier Cresp who has won numerous awards for his work.
I have to ask? Have you smelled Angel? I think it might be out of anybody that I knows price range so I have to ask. Does it smell that good and is it worth the investment? I already know D&G Light Blue smells good from a poll I took and 7 out of 10 people named it their favorite. I have Pink by Paris Hilton at the moment. But please advise...... :0)

Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler @ Pictures, Images and Photos

D&G Light Blue EDT $33.00-$50.00 Pictures, Images and Photos

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