Sunday, January 8, 2012

Im back....

and I'm going to start bloggin again. I miss this outlet. I can say what I thinking. I was thinking about last year and how I wrote my wishes and wants....I wanted to share it again before I start again this year.... I actually did the things that I wanted to do. I accomplished my goals and I now I am ready to set you ones.....

Here is my post last year:, I cant believe you are here already. 2010 came and went like a bad boyfriend and Im not looking back. Only forward and onto bigger and better things. Im ready for great things to happen this year. I dont want to make New Year's Resolutions but I do want to promise myself to live more. Ive deactivated my Facebook account in an effort to jump out of the fishbowl for a little while. I was feeling very narcississtic and didn't want to be a part of it anymore. Im keeping my blog because its just for me and I hope that people that come to check it out enjoy it at least a little bit. My biggest thing is that they are coming to view my ramblings of their own free will. They are not involuntarily subjected to my nonsense and I not to theirs. I am in no way bashing anybody that enjoys Facebook or Twitter or Myspace. I love them too but sometimes I feel like I really dont need to know every aspect of someones life, unless Im following your blog. That was kind of a joke because maybe blogging is the ultimate form of narcissism. Social networking is just a whole different animal. Its slowly becoming the devil...just like text messaging. Why cant we pick up the phone and say hi or send a handwritten letter. The world has become so impersonal that you even have to find out someone has passed via Facebook status. Im guilty of it too and I will definitely admit it but Im trying to make changes for the better and it starts with this. From here on out blogging will be my only outlet. You can't annoy the
willing right? And maybe Im the only one that is listening but hey that's a great start. Listen to yourself. Listen to your heart. Because when shit hits the fan, or doesnt, you can say, I DID IT MY WAY. Im not going to think of it so much as changing because I want to stay ME but I will say evolving. Ive stagnated for too
long in life. Its time to swim and not save anything for the swim back. It's time to let go of fear. Time to embrace the fear because that is the only way it can be conquered. Ive been afraid my whole life and I dont want to be afraid anymore. No more censorship. No more procrastination. No more. Im ready for 2011 not only because its the beginning of a new year but the beginning of a new life.
I want to travel, if only a 100 miles. I want to sing, if only in front of a few people. I want to write, even if I'm the only one reading. I want to love, Love, LOVE, even if its myself because I dont think Ive ever truly done that. I want to wear any damn thing I please and not feel afraid of what others will think.
I want to speak my mind when I feel. I want to take beautiful photographs and share them with the world. I want to LEARN LEARN LEARN. I want to change these WANTS to WILLS and I plan to. By monitoring my output and increasing the input I feel excited. Im excited for the future and it starts now.

I did travel and it was more than 100 miles. I went to New Orleans. I met Lupe Fiasco while I was there.


That was very awesome.

I sang love in front of people. I actually performed a song that I wrote the hook on.

I took beautiful photos and read some amazing books.

Now it's time to step it all up a notch or two and really explore life...
I can't wait. :)

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welcome back on blogger! ♥