Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Late Valentine's Day

Mine didn't go so well. I spent the entire evening with a very sick grandparent in the hospital. He has pneumonia and that is very very bad at his age and he's already very weak as it is. I'm praying for him. Please do the same

My boyfriend had to work yesterday as well. He said that he doesn't believe in Valentine's Day. Is this just a cop out? It really annoyed me that he wouldn't/didn't get me anything thing for Valentine's Day. He couldn't even bother to get me a card. I got him a card. It's the thought that counts....
He said that Valentine's was a made up day for stupid people that think they are in love, to which I replied,"Wow people who think they are in love must be suckers huh?" His answer,"Hell yes." Self-righteous prick. I just can't believe how insensitive he is over the entire situation but obviously I do believe in it so why trash all over it? I don't know, it really has me thinking. He did something else shady this weekend that I can't get over either. We went out to the bar where he pretty much knows everyone and I really don't. So while he's making his rounds I decided to sit with a group of people that I had met previously there. It was a group of men coworkers and they were having a going away party for the person I knew the best. I am sitting there and joking around with them when boyfriend comes up and starts joking to which everyone laughs and says to all of us,"Amanda, don't ever try to be as funny as I am. You can never be funny like me. Your humor level is ehh about a 7, mine is a ten. So don't." I was completely embarrassed. I almost cried right there. Please tell me Im being oversensitive or something. I went into quiet mode after that and he kept asking what was wrong so I told him and he said he was joking and then proceeded to be mad at me and argue with me because I'm too "sensitive". I totally saw a different side of this person that I thought was perfect for me. I really need to make some decisions. Am I too sensitive or is he too insensitive?

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