Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rants And Raves

Yet another reason Obama Rules!!!!!

I normally refrain from blogging on politics or anything of that nature. I do like to spread the word though when it comes to the environment and animal rights issues but I would truly love to express my opinion and just rant I guess about the BP oil spill. First off, Im very saddened and angered by this entire situation. More so saddened because of all the sea life that has been lost and threatened; not to mention the oil is still spreading; so for the future losses as well. We also have to consider the long term effects this will have on the ecosystem and the environment. Sad sad sad. I wish there was more that can be done to help but I don’t have any wigs lying around. I say that because I researched how we might be able to help with this disaster but only found articles about donating wigs and hair.
A. I have a pixie cut already and B. I don’t have any wigs.

I have to admit, at first I totally ignored the situation for fear of how it would make me feel. Yet, it goes against my beliefs to stand by and watch this happen and not do anything about it. If all I do is write about it, at least Im putting good energy into the atmosphere because I do believe positive energy can effect and change the world.
What really caused me to start becoming more involved in this situation was when my cousin Adriana started talking about it and mirrored the same feelings of fear that I had been feeling.
So I started looking up articles and I was appalled at what I was reading. It has been five weeks since the spill and ove 1 million gallons is spilling daily. 1,000,000 GALLONS+ DAILY! Over 75,000,000 in monetary damages but permanent priceless damages to our sea life and water and ecosystem. BP does not feel responsible for these damages and Ive read headlines blaming President Obama!!!! REDICULOUS!!!!!! SHAMEFUL!!! DISGUSTING!! This was a preventable accident long in the making that could have been fixed but instead GREED! Not to mention the poor workers that lost their lives.
During lunch I caught a small piece of the live presidential report and I was so happy about what President Obama was saying. Excited and proud of our President. These changes that he is making are definitely for the better. No more letting the oil companies control us!

Direct quotes from the press conference

He added that BP will pay "every dime" for the damage it has done to the coastal communities. "BP is responsible for this horrific disaster and we will hold them fully accountable on behalf of the United States," he said

The moratorium has been extended and new oil drilling suspended. Great news. Lease sales of the coast of VA and MX have been cancelled.

I honestly think we need to stop depending on oil and vehicles as our only means of transportation. One of my goals is to move closer to work and riding a bike to and from my destinations.

Ive said my peace. God is Love.
This link is for actual nasa satellites coverage of the spill…they even put sad music which I thought was a bit much but it works.

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