Friday, May 21, 2010


Well Well Well. LOL I can not believe that we are already in May of 2010. Wow how time flies. Just yesterday I was a little girl watching cartoons without a care in world…..wait a minute I had many cares and many worries. I was a very worrisome child back then. You might even say a little different but “everything Im not makes me everything I am”. But that’s for another day and time since they say we have all the time in the world but where in the heck does it go!
Im going on day 26 of no animal meat! Yay for me! I don’t think that Ive ever been happier about a decision Ive made in my life. This weekend Im gonna try some new fruits and veggies and vegetarian means. Im so excited. Ive started working out as well. This is going to be a great rest of the year!
I love fashion but I think that I really love individuality more. A person with their own perspective and idea of what looks good. Sometimes I think trends kill individuality. I try to stay away from that all together. Don’t get me wrong! I love my skinny jeans and ballet flats but I do not like Ed Hardy or label “whores” It lacks a certain genuine quality. But then again I have to say Im being a bit of a hypocrite because Im loving florals and gladiator shoes. But I also like to think that florals are classic and worn the right way can always be in style. Its all about how you wear your clothes and your expression of an outfit. For example Alexa Chung has this great quality about her that it seems that everything just works on her. I think she just has this way about her and can “just own it” ya know? The point of this paragraph, because it seems Im just rambling is that I bought this rad(yes I said rad) shirt at Forever 21. It’s white with a print of marily on the front in black and white. Its sweet. I took pics with my camera phone but Im not sure if im going to post them but I might just post a link. The back of the shirt is lace. I had to wear a shirt underneath of course cause A. Im not a hussy. Lol Jk and really B. I wore it to work. I got some really cool stuff this past time I shopped Forever 21 online.

Im posting some pics taken from my camera phone, might as well, or they will just stay trapped in there.
Other than that, my week hasn’t been very exciting but nonetheless Ive enjoyed it.
Also, a while back I talked about this guy Im dating. I call him Mr Boss. Lol jk I don’t but that can be his name here. I think that isn’t going anywhere fast and Im just gonna let it die away. He lives too far anyways and Im the one always doing all the traveling. Plus when I went over the other day he and his friends had made dinner and it was just grilled meat and I politely told them no thanks Im a vegetarian but he insisted I eat some because Ive only been meatless for a few weeks. HOW RUDE!!!!! I find him to be very inconsiderate and self centered. I could look past this because he is so darn handsome but the key word is COULD but I will NOT! Looks are not everything my momma always told me. Momma didn’t raise no fool. Lol on that last one. I just added that one in for good measure. So I haven’t called Mr Boss since our last meeting and he hasn’t called me either so maybe its mutual. In the end I really don’t care. You live and you learn.
Well Ive rambled on quite long enough this fine and beautiful Texas day. Love love love!


Note to self: I need a new camera. Phone camera pics suck! Rude boys can go with Rihanna(im referencing the song not C-Brown. Rihanna is awesome!) and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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