Saturday, July 10, 2010

dont follow your dreams, chase them.

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A while back I wished for more friends with common interests. Well, Ask and ye shall receive. :)
I caught up with an old friend and we have so many things in common that its unbelievable. Also, I met a guy a few months ago through a
mutual friend and we became facebook friends. He lives in Chicago. We started emailing back and forth and I found that we have
so many things in common and many of the same interests. Its awesome!!!! Im so happy. Its a sign that Im off to a good start.
I believe that your friends should bring out the best in you not the worst. Through these newfound friendships I have renewed interests
in things that I had forgetten but were once huge passions of mine. My friend from chicago loves to read so we are going to be
starting a kind of book swap/book club and discuss and we talk about so many different things and ideas. Its really fun. My other
friend is getting me to want to start up with my photography again and writing. She also wants to broaden her horizons as I do, like go to
museums and aquariums or road trips and traveling. I even dug through a box of my books and pulled a few out that Im going to reread.
Flowers For Algernon, The Giver and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Another friend recommended The Secret Life of Bees so I
ordered it and it arrived today. Im so excited and I feel that IM starting my life in so many ways. Everybody deserves a second chance.

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Im also going to take up bike riding. As a means of exercise and trasportation.
Time to start looking for a new place as well. A little slice of my own. I miss my independence. Im taking it back.

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