Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am very excited about today. I have to share it.  But where do I begin?
Well start with the bad part and get to the good part. The bad leads to the good.
On Memorial Day, after a long and very fun day of swimming, I was headed home and my car overheated, causing a crack in the radiator. Boooooooo. Ive been without a car since. Not fun.
Well let me backtrack a little bit. In junior high and freshman year I had a crush on a friend(in high school I had a least 20. I was a bit boy crazy but we can save that for another story). He disappeared and I never got to tell him. We have been friends through myspace but merely acquantances and lived our lives without any interaction with one another. Very recently he has tried to reconnect with me and now we are “talking”. He is very smart and totally different than I could have possibly imagined but all in a very good way. Im excited. We were supposed to go on a date on Memorial Day but my cars little boo boo made that impossible. “Mr Orange” (we will call him that for now) even offered to come over and fix my car for me. He went to school to be a mechanic. How convenient for me. How sweet of him to offer. He didn’t come over but he is tonight and he is going to find out what is wrong with the car and then take me out to dinner. He is aware that I am a vegetarian and unlike Mr Boss(from previous posts) is not trying to convince me to eat meat. Needless to say, Mr Boss and I no longer speak. So Mr Orange is taking me to a vegetarian diner.  Im so excited about that above getting my car fixed. I hope we have a great time and it leads to something more.

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