Monday, June 7, 2010

My musical obsession of the moment

I am absolutely in love with this song at the moment. I dont know if anybody else does this but if a song striked something in me I will listen to it over and over and over and over. I dont know why. Its not to make myself sick of it because I just love it even more when I stop listening to it over and over. I think subconciously I am trying to imprint the song in my brain for forever. I have to admit when I first heard of this band I didnt want to give them a chance. I made my decision about them before I had ever even heard one single song. I hate to follow anything "trendy" in music. I have to find it on my own terms. I know....I know. I kept hearing a song on the radio a while back and I loved the singers voice and the guitar riff. After a while I used my shazam app to find out the band and what do you's Muse - The Uprising. Now Im starving for more from them. So at this time Im just listening to Neutron Star Collision on repeat. I am a secret romantic so I love the lyrics and I love his solo at the end. What a gifted human being. This song and video actually make me want to see Eclipse. Dont get me started on the Twilight saga though.

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