Monday, June 21, 2010

Its A Wrap

So, let me start off by saying I got a Mohawk……… 
Well a faux-hawk but hey to me it’s a Mohawk and Im rocking it. I wish I had pics but the only one that I have is kinda blurry and Im not sure if it will show. I will post it anyways. See if its visible. I went into the salon with an idea and a picture and I basically got what I wanted. I love it when a hairdresser actually listens. Don’t you?

I’m posting a picture of RiRi and myself. The front of my hair is not that long ……. yet. But that’s my goal. I definitely want it much longer in the front regardless so that I can start getting more like the Rihanna picture. The picture of the back of my hair sucks. My hairdresser took



I finished The Little Black Book of Style and I have to say. I really enjoyed. It was rather short but a fun read. I got some great tips and insight from the book. She is very much into the classic look I think and I love it. She states that there are no rules but definitely guidelines and I think that she was right on point with her many many years of experience and knowledge regarding the subject. I really like how she emphasizes individuality and advised if you are going to follow trends make them your own. I recommend this book to anybody.

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Ive been riding the public bus as of late. ALL LAST WEEK. I have to say Ive rather enjoyed it and whodathunk that there a so many hotties that ride the bus. Its nice to have a little eye candy on the ride home and it gives me time to just THINK. Plus its better for the environment but then again Im not so sure it is. I think of these huge buses driving around all day polluting the environment. I wonder if the effect is worse. Nonetheless I save a lot of money.
Im hoping to move closer to work soon. I just want a little place all to myself. I want to be alone and do it all on my own. I feel so dependent right now and I hate that feeling. I hope to find a place soon. We will see. We will see.

I need to hurry up and get that new camera asap!

I also watched How To Lose Friends and Alienate People.
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I have to admit I had no desire in watching this movie but I decided to give it a chance on the advice of my mother. MOMMY KNOWS BEST. Lol I ended up really liking it and I didn’t think that I would. It was really cute and honest. My mother was like who is this Megan Fox girl and whats the big deal? I was like seriously? She’s the hottest woman on the planet(except for the thumbs but nobody is perfect) She responded with an Ehh and that she was nothing special. I beg to differ but I do think she has had stuff down to her face since this movie and Transformers….what do you think?

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Regardless she is beautiful.

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she is beautiful indeed :)