Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I dont give a fuck anymore!!
I am done!
I dont care.
Dont fucking stare.
i felt vulnerable.
It scared me.
lies scare me even more
and I can smell a lie a mile away
bassett hounds couldnt play me
im a ruiner.
i admit it.
fuck you!
fuck me
yes please
on second thought
fuck you
i taste the truth
and thats not your flavor
ill be sick tomorrow
but it wont mask the sorrow
the lies i have to borrow
fuck it
suck it
kiss me and make it all better
im a drunken fool
in love with you.
you piece of trash
but you're my treasure
you're my forever
see you in heaven
or as im looking down at hell
i really do wish you well
ring the bell
ring the alarm
leave grab marks on my arm
its a love tap
no baby thats a rap
love you to pieces
no literally
i want to rip YOU to pieces.
i love to pick a fight
in the end im always right
in the end im alone
i just didnt like your tone
please just pick up the phone
beep my message is too long.
my love was too strong
maybe i was just wrong

runaway fast as you can

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