Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sometimes I get you, Sometimes I don’t understand.
Sometimes I love you, Sometimes it's you I can't stand.
Sometimes I wanna hug you, Sometimes I wanna push you away.
Most times I wanna kiss you, Other times put you and every minute you start switching up
And you say things like, ‘ You don't give a fuck!'
Then I say, ‘I'm through with you.' Take my heart from you. And you come running after me, and, baby, I'm back with you.

You're not easy to love
You're not easy to love, no-oh
You’re not easy to love-
You’re not easy to love, no-oh

Why is everything, with you so complicated?
Why do you make it hard to love you-
While I ha---te it?
Cause if you really wanna be alone, I
Would throw my hands up cause baby I tried

This is exactly how I feel when it comes to the ex.


Shelley Ann said...

oh rihanna. i love her music! when i hear any of her songs, i get them stuck in my head on repeat. strangely, i never mind :)

ShopGirlXOXO said...

Im addicted!'

btw thanks for following my blog!