Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ramona Flowers

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I am obsessed with all things Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. The story, the music, the funnies, the EVERYTHING.
I think it is so funny and so cute. Kick-ass even. I want to read the graphic noviels now. I love its take on
love and heartache and insecurities. Not to mention, Sex Bob Omb music was done by Beck. Metric was Death at Deamonhead.
I adore the song Black Sheep. The song Ramona is so pretty. Garbage truck is so punk. I think the soundtrack
is awesome.
The one liners are just so on point. "if your life had a face....I would punch it."
Hilariously cool movie. I've seen it five times in a week.
I love the story. Sometimes you have to fight for what you love and sometimes what you love has a past but
if you love them you can look "past" it. Sometimes hearts get broken. Sometimes they don't. I like how it
shows male insecurity that does really exist. Should Knives have gotten Scott?

The music is stuck in my head.

Garbage Truck, Ramona, Black Sheep and on and on.
I also like the cover of By Your Side.

I've watched it 6 times now. I may have a problem.

I think everybody has their own Envy or Ramona and at some point in time been both without realizing it.
I heart this movie.

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